Sunday, 16 October 2011


Went to SELWG show today, they were selling off various Foundry figures at about half price so I grabbed most of the  7YW I could find, the net result is that Saxe-Märchen has had some uniform decisions made for it, ie Musicians and Standard bearers proudly wear the Prussian Fusilier's mitre. Also scored some (I think AWI) guys with a standard black hat but turned up on one side with a feather, they shall be the Grimmwald Jaegers.

Not only that but I managed to score enough bits and pieces for one squadron each of Cuirassiers and Grenadiers zu Pferd to form a combined Garde regiment, to join the Dragoon Regiment.

It's nice to have it all come about organically, as it were.

Update - even better, I know that Hanover had the same - a Garde du Corps/Grenadiers zu Pferd regiment, one squadron of each, and I have enough bits to do that too for my Perfidious Albion army. Not only that but they were the only Hanoverian troops in red, so I just have to build the Blues now to accompany them!

Also scored a broken box of Perry ACW Zouave Command with some bits missing for 50p, they shall be the Artillery and some command figs for my 1848 Trans Syldavians.

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