Sunday, 9 October 2011

A "Proper" German 18th century Imagi-Nation

It's funny how things twist and turn...I started the New Byzantium project as a way to get my Balkan/Turkic 18th/19th century models into games, but it turns out they are now all going to be employed in the Imagi-Nation Trans Syldavia 1848 project*. And then two friends donated a huge (unpainted) British/Hanoverian army to me, to oppose my WAS/7YW French...who are now looking distinctly weak compared to that mass of perfiidous Albionese.

Anyway, last post I looked at having an Imagi-Brigade for the French, but a bit of research on a typical small ReichsArmee force showed that what I need translates into a typical small Small Imagi-Nation, to whit:

- 1 Kurassier Regiment
- 1 Dragoon Regiment
- 3 Infantry Regiments
- 1 converged Grenadier Battalion
- 1 Battalion of Jaegers
- Artillery

I have all the figures, so next step is to find a name, a location, a uniform (dark blue, I think...) and a flag......and I think it will be Saxe-something as the figures being donated have such a profusion of the Scots Greys in cavalry mitres that some will be given to the Dragoon Regiment above - and the only unit I have seen that has a similar hat is the Saxon von Bruhl's Dragoons. 

( *a few will still appear as the Legion d'Orient in my 7YW French )

Yes, dear reader - the Brigade Imaginaire will join the Corps du Vin for the next camapaign season I think....


  1. Novobyzantium is too good to be totally forgotten, even in the 18th C.!
    Among many reasons, it offers the possibility / excuse to field a 'mixed' "West meet East" army (Borduria / Skanderberg / Syldavia fashion), a little like the early 18th C. Polish and Russian ones, but with 'Balkanic / Turkish' instead of 'North-Eastern European' traditional types...

    For a German state, I believe that 'Saxe-Appeal' is already taken, but 'Saxe-Appel[l]' is still free.
    Unless, now that mid-18th C. Bavarian infantry uniforms are officially medium-dark blue instead of the 'traditional' sky blue, you raise the army of 'Blauvaria' to keep the old, more original and visually pleasant, interpretation of Bavarian 'cornflower blue'?

  2. The troops will still all be built, just for different outfits initially (the 1848 army will have exactly the same Balkan/Turkic troops - plus Zouaves!

    In fcat this will work better, because the colourful Legion Britanique firces will give the New Byzantine line infantry a much more motley crew feel (I feel mercenary Freikorps regiments coming on).

  3. It seems that some of the troops I have inherited are Russian Guard units, so I think the Varagngian guard in cornflower blue have just been defined :)