Saturday, 15 October 2011

Perfidious Albion takes the (painting) field...

I mentioned that 2 friends had donated their British 7YW armies to me, I have sorted all the figures and the following is what I have decided to do (in 12 man Age of Reason battalions - I like Corps scale actions)


- British brigade - 3 Line, 1 Fusilier battalion
- German Brigade - 2 Hanoverian, 1 Hessian, 1 Brunswick
- Mixed Brigade - 2 Highland, 2 Legion Britanique
- Reserve Brigade - 2 converged Grenadier Battalions, 1 British, 1 German
- Lights - 1 Legion Britanique, 1 mixed Jaeger/British Pickets


- Hanoverian Garde du Corps and Grenadiers a Cheval in one heavy Regiment of 2 squadrons
- Scots Greys (Dragoons) - 4 squadrons
- British Light Dragoons - one regiment of 2 squadrons.

Guns - 1 British, 1 Hanover, 1 Brunswick, 1 Hessian

And there was enough left over to build a unit of horse, 3 line foot and a converged Grenadier battalion for Saxe-Märchen (just as well, as the French Corps du Vin foot are now feeling very outnumbered from their shelf, and after Minden they don't hold much cop for a cavalry superiority...) plus there was a small Russian guard contingent who shall become New Byzantium's Varangian Guard and Guard Balkan light infantry to brigade with the Turkish Janitzaroi  .

A huge amount of painting then (and more horse required), that should keep me busy well into next year, but they will have to take their turn behind Trans Syldavia 1848 (first game due in 2 weeks) and finishing Byzantia 1920's cavalry, and a Hammers' Slammers future Imagi-Regiment, the Boucaniers for their first game in November.....


  1. Heavy schedule!
    Well, we'll wait for enjoying the pics of 'tricorned' soldiers -and appreciate those from more recent period in the meantime.

  2. I will photograph some of the 1848 stuff this weekend, and the Batalion Valais for your pleasure :)

    If I have time I will do a flag for the Regiment Piectisme too :)