Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A more colourful real nation than any Imagi-Nation

Trans-Syldavia 1848's Worthy Opponent, building 1848 Hungarians, showed me a book yersterday (in Hungarian sadly) showing the uniforms of the 1848 Hungarian army - they are extraordinarly colourful, and with a wide variety of uniform styles - so anyone who was thinking of holding back on their more outrageous Imagi-Nation colours/uniforms etc should worry no more!

Trans-Syldavia will definitely need a kick up its carefully tailored pants to match the revolting Honved!

(Incidentally, the last month has been taken up by getting the Welsh and Anglo-Saxons ready for SAGA, and the Phenix Moirots ready for Hammers Slammers games. That has now been done, so normal Imagi-Nation service will be resumed - on the table is Saxe-Märchen's Leib-Dragoner Regiment Malthus, and the 2nd Trans-Syldavian Infantry, while ACW Zoave command plastics are being converted to Trans Syldavian artillery crews)


  1. 'Interesting' colors patterns can be copied on minis <=> another period -18th C., for instance and totally at random :)

  2. As you can imagine, the ones in tall Fezzes will fight for New Byzantium - in fact the blue clad Line Infantry also double as the Legion Orientale foot in my 7YW French :)

    just wait till you see my multi-purpose Uhlans :)

  3. Wow! Where did he get a copy of that?!? Fantastic!

    1. Hi! I am the opponent, and I am Hungarian. :)