Wednesday, 12 October 2011

On the Perils of being a Small Principality

Saw this on the Not by Appointment blog, and thought it was relevant:

The County of Henneberg was a detached part of Saxony well to the west in Franconia. As it was so isolated the inhabitants were expected to raise militia companies for their own defence; they were probably first raised in 1730 and disbanded in 1756.

Saxe-Märchen is another of those detached Saxon lands, so has exactly the same issues as Hessenberg, abd that has of course impacted the development of its military.....


  1. You must be close to Sachsen-Wachsenstein for that small statelet also had to raise its own forces.


  2. Given both of us are basing our Dragoons on Van Bruhl, there is clearly some form of cultural affinity :)

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