Saturday, 28 July 2012

Of What is to come....

As mentioned in my last post, both my SYW Tricorne and 1848 Balkan era opponents are currently indisposed, which has brought those 2 campaigns to a halt, and in the interim the Caribbean has beckoned.

But that is not all - as I have mentioned before, I am building a Sci Fi force too, and here are its latest recruits - 6 x 15mm Antenociti Workshops' Skorpion light tank with catamaran hulls - I had to have it for that hull!

On the left for size comparison are (front, L-R) a Brigade Models Lynx APC with Old Crow turret, and a converted 15mm Plastic Soldier T-34 with Brigade Models Twin Gatling turret, and behind (L-R) are a GZG hover-bot and GZG Wittman Medium AFV. The Skorpion is a bit bigger than all of them, is quite a lot taller, and looks very mean with a noticeably large gun :)

These new additions will serve as medium armoured but fast tank destroyers, carrying a big punch, and are the heaviest AFVs available to any Armoured Cavalry force, as they can still be easily transported and dropped quickly into hot spots. The bulk of the regional fighting is done by the older but trusty HoverT-34 IFV with its various weapons pack loadouts (autocannon, gatlings, missiles, tank destroyer gun etc). Only the central army has heavier armour.

So far we've tried Gruntz, Tomorrow's War and Hammers Slammers rules, they all have plusses and minusses.

(I've just tried washing on camouflage on 2 tanks, as you can see it needs quite a bit of toning down - next step to drybrush over it - though it looks far less contrasty in "real life"  - though mnust say I've actually grown to like the simple desert sand scheme, so maybe I'll just leave them all plain).

Monday, 23 July 2012

More Derring Do...

In Europe, the French Corps du Vin, along with the Saxe-Märchen contingent, are still trying to contact the Reluctant Prussians (my 7YW opponent has broken his leg, I'm still painting Perfidious Albion, so still no Tricorne action as yet - and my Trans-Syldavia 1848 co-conspirator has had work interfering with his gaming life, its a Freebooting life for me at the moment...).

Anyway, on the Spanish main, there have been more daring deeds aplenty. As you may know, the  Governeur was captured by the British. Ransomed off, he has now been restored and it is the job of the Compagnie Franche de la Marine de St Jacques to get him from the harbour to the Governors residence without incident - as word has it that various pirate groups have calculated that Governor-Kidnap is a more lucrative trade than actual Piracy.

The French party hurry the Governeur from Harbour to Fort through the dangerous streets of St Jacques. Fat Governeur in purple - surrounded by militia

Unknown to the French, there were 3 parties of Pirates lurking in St Jacques, plus a party of Royal Marines (the Governeur having made some unwise promises during his incarceration) AND a Spanish party (its all written up over here)

The French made the decision to move Le Governeur along sharpish like (Frog-marched in fact), so despite his gout and corpulence he was moved through Le Rue Grande as fast as he could move - just as well, as the pirates were in hot pursuit...

Pirates burst into the Tavern garden, disturbing the Mayor (seated) and the Governeur's daughter (seated on his lap) who were busy discussing the mayor's arising issue of the day

At any rate, the mission was a success. Except for the intervention of some British marines that Lieutenat Quesne, Sarjante B. Geste and two troopere were left to hold them off while the Capitaine hurried the Governeur to the Fort, it was just another day in St Jacques town.... 

(Legends of the High Seas rules, 6 player game)