Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Seven Years War Imagi-Brigade

The New Byzantium Project seems to have gone in a number of different directions, and here is yet another one...

First one, and now another friend has donated some 7YW British, with the result that the British army I now have is bigger than my original French, even with the Legion d'Orient (my specific New Byzantine units) attached! Even with the imaginary Chasseurs de Bergerac and the Swiss Batalion Valaison!.

Thus, I need to recruit another Brigade (4 battalions), a Heavy and Light Horse regiment, and could fit in some more guns and probably another Grenadier unit or even two.

My French are based on the well known wine producing areas, but I am running out of Regiments (I have even had to think about inserting cheese!) and have recruited my first Imaginary French battalion, the Batalion Valaise (My Swiss regiment, from the Valais wine area).

So, a new Brigade is required, maybe even time for a German ally (after 3 French brigades), and if so....well, why not an imaginary one of those too?

So far the only thing I have in mind is that the Heavy horse will be named after one of my army donors, and I fancy a Lorraine sourced Regiment Mosel, and I have another regiment of unpainted hussars I can use..

FYI it is currently at::

Brigade Champagne:
Champagne, Medoc, Beaujolais, Royal Italian

Brigade Touraine
Touraine, Provence, Perigord, Alsace

Brigade Imaginaire?:
Batalion Valais, Milices de Bordeaux* (or maybe Poictesme),  and 2 more (thinking of a Mosel regiment)

Chevaux Legere:
Royal Roussillon, Fleury, Bourgogne

Languedoc, Schomberg, one more needed

Unattached Lights (foot are c 1/2 battalion strength, Horse are 2 squadrons)

- Fischers (both Hussars and Foot Chasseurs)
- Clermont Prince (Foot)
- Legion d'Orient (Foot Chasseurs and Uhlan Lancers)
- Chasseurs de Bergerac*


Grenadiers Royaux de Chantilly
Gendarmes d'Anjou /Chevau Legeer d'Anjou (one Regiment)

(Probably need one more regiment of foot and heavy horse types now, if not two)

 *Existing Imaginary Units in paint


  1. Cheer the tricornes!
    Looking eagerly forward to enjoy images of your whole army.

  2. Most of my French have been done for 15 odd years but I'm busy rebasing them so bases are mostly still unflocked. I've just done the Batalion Valaise though, I'll put them and some of my 1848 and 1920 stuff up this weekend then!