Saturday, 25 June 2011

More good bad news....

...a nice man at our club has given me about 100 7YW figures as he will never paint them, of which 30 or so are Highlanders - so a British army to face my French beckons. (I could fill out my French with the Tricornes and ditch the Highlanders, but building British to match the French has the advantage that they can fight each other all over the world.)

Means more distractions though.....

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Time passes, things happen....

Work has sadly got in the way of building the forcs of New Byzantium*, but not in accumulating them. Over the past few weeks the forces have been increased by:

- 16 Zouaves in Turbans, perfect for New Byzantium's local infantry militia.
- 20 WW1 Russians, for Bolshevik Bad Guys to fight in Between The Wars Byzantium
- Ditto 20 WW1 Austrians, for Nazi nasties.
- Another regiment of tricorne-men - yes, new Byzantium's Marine Regt have finally arrived

In addition, New Byzantium's time of operation has been expanded to a 3rd period - yes, its 1848, the year of Nationalisr fervour and the Hungarian uprising, and our Imagi-Nation forces will once again enter the fray against my evil scheming honorouable opponent's Hungarian-based force!

(The Turks and Albanians I found, plus my Trapezitae lanncers, Gianitzaroi and the new Zouaves are all detailed for this period - we both fancied mid 19th century skirmish with Sharpe Practice and cobbled together various bits we had ncluding a few Austrian regulars, Hungarians and my lot). I may have to invent a new Imagi-Nation for them ,closer to the Hungarian border. I was thinking of Trans-Syldavia, a villainous bunch of bandits small state on our borders!

*And priorities - the start of the club 40K campaign required the Imperial Grots to be completed, and my son and I building up our WW2 forces to have a proper go at each other has taken priority as war was imminent in both those sectors!