Monday, 28 November 2011

There may be trouble ahead.....

Rumours of stirrings across the borders in Hungary, and the Honved Horde is massing:

1848 promises to be an interesting year. The Duke (Zhupan) of Trans Syldavia is mustering our forces. For you delectation here are some of Trans Syldavia's forces massing on the border.:

Some of the Zhupan's Guard Zhouaves, moved up Just In Case:

The 4th company, 1st (and only) battalion, 2nd Trans-Syldavian Infantry Regiment

And ever watchful, the Tran Syldavian Grenz Infantry

As you can see, there needs to be some flogging flocking done back at base and everyone's faces need a good wash (and drybrush). Standards and drummers are still being done because I havent thought of a decent flag yet there is much painting to do, and pictures of the Town Militia and local bandits auxiliaries as soon as the lazy buggers get up they arrive in camp. Artillery is in train, and the cavalry will hopefully arrive in the nick of time.

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