Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Future Byzantium

Plastic Soldier's T-34 conversions with various turrets in a Hammers Slammer game 
( photo by John Treadaway)
I dabble in Sci Fi gaming in 15mm and 28mm, with small forces like my 15mm lot above (spot the T-34 conversions)  and (I am ashamed to say) I am imagining what Byzantium might be like in the future, as a way of building a structured, comprehensive force with a backstory model. Of course, it fits beautifully:

- Varangians - mercenary very heavy infantry (with Space Axes as per EE Doc Smith's "Lensman" series)
- Latnikon/Normans - mercenary armoured cavalry, whatever cavalry comes out as
- Skythicon/Turcopoloi - mercenary light cavalry, whatever cavalry comes out as
- Gianitzaroi - mercenary light infantry

Mercenaries in the future may of course be Aliens  (not Alans) :)

Added to that the home grown elite forces (Tagmata) with an extremely heavy cavalry force (klibanophoi) and regional (aka planetary) forces (Themata), with border region warlords and their Boukellarii ("biscuit eaters - effectively huscarls). Mixing up my Byzantine eras I know, but hey....

And then there is the Navy, with Dromons and Greek Fire.....

But despite all this, my overwhelming urge is to put kepis on Space Troopers and call them the Legion Etraterrestriale :)


  1. nice work on the T34s! Don't feel too bad your not the first to take Byzantines in space.

  2. Dang!

    Next you are going to tell me the Legion Etraterrestriale is also around :)

    Btw I also have a LOT of VSF stuff, its my other great love :)

  3. To my knowledge you will be the very first to have a Byzantine presence in the Steampunk/VSF universe, but move quickly if you wish to field those steam powered Kataphraktoi!

  4. I originally bought my Eureka Greeks for Byzantine VSF, but got diverted into WW1/RCW :)

    My other VSF are trad British on mars, Germans on Venus, and I am about to start She who Must BeObeyed Darkest/Lost World Africa

  5. ...ditto those turks now turning up in 1848. but, once painted....

  6. Here is my 15mm VSF Blog:

  7. Yes, I read it when you posted way above. Very impressive, love the steampunkmovies!

    Have you read the Toby Frost "Space Captain Smith" trilogy, set in the 25th century British Space Empire?

    My VSF stuff is in 28mm - I shoud blog it I guess, but probably not on here.

    Am mulling over Steam Klibanophoroi :)

  8. no but I'll look into Toby Frost "Space Captain Smith" trilogy....sounds like something I'd like!

    Steam Klibanophoroi on or off rails? ;-)