Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I have just finished painting this Reaper Miniatures figure as the 2,000 year old Egyptian Priestess Ayesha (aka She Who Must Be Obeyed) from the Rider Haggard novels, to head up my Darkest Africa/Lost World army for Victorian Sci/Fi and Fantasy gaming. It also explains my tardiness in completing my 1848* and 7YW projects, but She appears in my first game of Kings of War next week, and a game in the hand.....

Nothing to do with the Imagi-Nations I know, but she leaves other things open to the imagination :)

* First game in a mini campaign in January, watch this space for revolutionary activity!


  1. Beautiful!
    Then, Neo-Byzantium -in the 18th C; or in the 19th C.- can well send an expedition in Africa Incognita...

  2. Thanks - I need to bring the eyes out a bit more, she is glancing sideways seductively but its hard to see on the photo.