Sunday, 5 August 2012

Weird War 2

In 1945 the Russians overran the part of Germany where Flying Saucer research was being done, one result of that was the development of huge Klimov Turbofan engine that they have retrofitted into the T-34 tank, creating the T-34/85 Hovertank - ideal for open country and amphibious warfare. As you can see, they had to put the heavy engine in the centre for balance reasons, re-siting the turret at the rear. They also had to put a massive air intake fan where the hull machine gun went.

(I converted a bunch of Plastic Soldier WW2 T-34s tanks for my "Standard" Sci-Fi IFV/APC chassis, using other turrets -see pic over here - but, of course the other big application is for Weird World War 2. The tracks are turned around for the skirt, I reversed the engine air intake and turret, and mounted a cut off idler wheel where the hull machine gun is as an auxilliary forced draught fan)


  1. Some heavy duty innovations in these last couple of posts. Fascinating. I'll be looking forward to seeing how they perform in action...

  2. I'll also be looking forward to see how they perform, albeit more nervously - my opponent's Shermans have Lascannon :)