Sunday, 12 August 2012

25mm Sci Fi Technicals

I seem, by various means, to have acquired a number of different "Techncal" type vehicles. These are (L-R) Antenociti Warthog, Old Crow Gecko, Void Junkers buggy and Old Crow Goanna.

The Antenociti vehicle is quite large and relatively comfortable and is earmarked to be the HQ of my Sci Fi forces (GW Tallarn Raider figures for size comparison).

We've been trying out a number of rulesets, and I'm still working out what "New Byzantium" would look like in general - latest thoughts are:

1. The regioinal (Thematic) forces comprise mainly of light vehicles like these, representing the light cavalry of a Byzantine army, and infantry in light APCs. The heaviest regional forces are light tanks and light air support (drones)

2. The "Rapid Reaction Force" are the elite light regiments (Trapezitae, Turkopoloi, Vardariots, Gianitzaroi etc) - a similar makeup to regional forces, but much better trained and with better aerial support. They can make planetfall relatively easily.

3. The "Tagmata" or central army has rarer, more powerful forces at hand:

- The Klibanophoroi - the heaviest armoured vehicles
- The Kataphraktarii - main battle tank troops
- The Varangian Guard - infantry in heavy power armour
- The Latinikon - a sort of armoured "Foreign Legion", weaponry not so heavy as the Kibanophoroi but more likely to be used as backups for the "Rapid Reactiion Force"

The 15mm game is probably the only one where heavy Tagmatic forces will be involved, though - for the moment I'm building a regional skirmish force in 25mm.

The above troops belong to their deadly enemies, the forces of Wadiya

(See earlier thoughts here)


  1. I'm building a version of my buddy John A's Neo Basileia ton Rhomaioi:
    forces in 15mm, I have a Thematic Kataphraktarii
    unit in T72s, with a Skutatoi unit in APCs as
    support. The troops are Evil Midtech Infantry in Light Armour from Khurasan Miniatures. His
    Tagmata are Ground Zero Games New Israeli troops I've yet to build those.

  2. Great stuff, those uniforms and OOB has given me a few ideas too.