Tuesday, 21 August 2012

War is finally coming to Trans-Syldavia

Following the border skirmishing in winter and spring, the much feared news is coming in that the Hungarian Honved is finally on the move, and the Trans Syldavian Army (such as it is) and the new hastily recruited militias (along with their new hastily sewn standards - see above - featuring the traditional Trans-Syldavian 2 headed Flamingo and some Austrian style bordering, in the hope of attarcting some Austrian style support.) are moving to the border as I write.

For those not familiar with Trans-Syldavia, it shares much of its history with Syldavia (but preferring fierce slivovitz to cool mineral water), but was reconquered by the Ottomans from Borduria, where it has stayed - though after the Napoleonic Wars it was able to operate fairly independently (being both far away and not very important) and reverted to its traditional industries of farming, fishing, fur-trapping and mountain banditry.

But in this year of 1848, nationalism rises fiercely in the blood, and only True Independence (and hopefully some Hungarian territory) will do.

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