Sunday, 1 April 2012

Moving Out!

Sir! Sir!

"Sir! Sir!  Young Werther ran up to the Comte de Syrah, who was taking a walk with his mistress, the lovely Lady Charlotte.


"Orders from the Duc de Pinotage Sir, we are to move the ReichsArmee Brigade out in the morning, due North and to occupy the key bridges over the Vielenfisch River between Bad Salz and Pfeffernussenkirchen, and interdict all traffic on it, making sure no supplies get to Prussia. Also, we are to make sure that no Prussian spies pass through the area" 

This came out as a single stream of words. Werther gulped a breath

"And sir, the Duc said that we were to take the Sarkozy Hussars. Arquebusiers de Bergerac and Malthus's Dragoons with us to demonstrate towards Hesse Fedora, whatever that means"

"I see. Thank you Werther. Can you go and tell your Uncle Leopold to make ready, and then tell Malthus to get all the cavalry saddled up, and the Arquebusiers to make ready. We will move out at Nine onto the North road, cavalry first. I will tell the Batalion Valais myself."

"Yessir. Will we see any action Sir"?

"Maybe, young Werther, maybe. But lets cross that bridge when we come to it. Aha aha...cross that bridge"

"Very Good Sir! Anything Else Sir"

"No Werther, go and tell the others" 

"Are all your aides as keen?" asked the Lady Charlotte as Werther ran off into the distance.

"In fact, Werther is a bit of a dreamer" said Le Comte "I'll go and check with Pinotage later that we got the full message".

"Well, he seems to interrupt you an awful  lot when I'm with you" thought the Lady Charlotte, a small smile playing on her lips......


  1. Landgraf Bogey von Hesse-Fedora looked at the hussar officer.

    "What the devil do you mean, they're demonstrating on the border?!"

  2. That was quick - got to take my hat off to Fedora's intelligence service :-)

  3. Blame young Werther...or Google Reader!

  4. Your proposal sounds very interesting. Of course you are welcome to have a Fedoran flavor to your games. How do you propose going about it?