Sunday, 11 March 2012

Go to War? Just a minuet!

 Dancing the Minuet - an essential part of a French Officer's life!

On the French Army in the Seven Years war

"...there was no discipline, no subordination, no order on the march, in the camp, or even on the battlefield. The very subalterns had their mistresses with them, and the officers left their men to accompany them on their march in their carriages. Everything that could contribute to the luxury of the officers was found in the French camp..... Balls were given in camp, and officers left their post to dance the minuet."

The  Saxe-Märchen contengent are loving camp life......

(Eureka and Old Glory figures)


  1. Carriages for officers is strictly forbidden in the H-K army when on the march but the rest seems to be pretty accurate.

  2. Oh... I thought that was the battle of Waterloo... Very nice vignette, dude!

  3. I wonder where I can get a carriage.....

  4. Lovely little vignette

    -- Allan