Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Hungarians are up to something.....

A message from our spy in Vienna....he has intercepted this intelligence about Hungarian troops massing on the Trans Syldavian border.

Gruss Gott!

The Hungarian Government is sending 2 battalions of Szekely Grenz infantry from Transylvania to the Serbian border. Each battalion has six company of 140 light infantrymen (16 marksmen with rifles) against the Serbian Rebels (The fools cannot tell the difference between Trans Syldavians and Serbians). These are trained light infantry, the same veteran troops, as our own Serb Grenz infantry. They will also send a battalion of line infantry from the Don Miguel regiment, veteran troops, all Hungarians, loyal to the new goverment. And a battery of 6pdr guns, with newly recruit volunteer students crew. The Home Guard (nemzetor) organisation is very slow, and they are short of muskets and uniforms, we do not expect this force earlier than March.

From the Capital (Buda) they send a battalion of Red caps volunteer infantry as well, highly motivated but green troops. The Hungarians are calling them Honved (National Guard), be careful with the battalion commander, he is an ex Austrian captain, called Janos Damjanich (Jovan Damjanić his real serb name). He is a Serb, but he is a more Patriotic Hungarian than the real Hungarians, he wants to kill all the Serbs, to that end he will kill himself as well, just to be sure the whole nation is destroyed. This traitor rebel dog is very skillful, and the Red caps are ready to die for him. He had served in Italy as a Grenadier Captain, against the Italian rebels.

The Hungarians are starting to mobilise the Transylvanian Szekely Hussars, and this traitor Damjanich has a company of Hungarian Betyar (Brigand and Highwayman), they are irregular murders, fighting for the New Government. They have amnesty to be a volunteer, they are very good to plunder and raid against villages, hang them all Sahib!

Good bless You Sir, when I have more information, I will let You know.



Ps: The Ulans are not too keen to fight for the Hungarian Goverment, so just let them leave, don`t attack them!


  1. Balkan politics at it's very best....)

  2. The 1848 era is proving to be fascinating, and inventing a proto-Balkan Imagi-nation when you have the colourfulness of the Ottoman and Hungarian forces as role modesl si great fun. I just need a flag :)