Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Winter Quarters and Reinforcements

With the heavy falls of snow this morning, the obligatory last shots were traded on the Frontier with the Turks in the East,  Austrians in the West and Russians in the North (Russians - what're they doing there?) before all the forces traded sweetmeats (we get Turkish Delight, Vodka and Strudel, they get Fish sauce - fair deal) and marched into winter quarters to rebuild an re-arm for next year's campaigning season.

In New Byzantium, Saint Nicholas (above) is traditionally looked at to provide these things over this period, so here is the Basileos' Wish List:

- The Scholae - Eastern 3/4 armoured heavy cavalry lancers - Polish Winged Hussars with a few mods, natch

- Getting the Trapezitae up to strength and fully equipped, this should be the first tranche of "Willie" figures (de Saxe Uhlans of course)

- A unit of  New Byzantine Thematic Kavallarioi (Semi-Spahis), figures to be decided on - looking for Balkan looking lancers with swords, pistols etc
- A unit of Turkopoloi (Byzantine-friendly Turkish Light Horse) - ditto figures to be decided on, late Ottoman  figs I think.:

- A bit of High Culture....

- A bit of Low Byzantine Decadence

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