Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Corps du Vin

As with many other Imagi-Nations, New Byzantium has as its roots a less imaginary 18th Century nation, in this case the French. But that French army is in itself a bit of an Imaginary army - it is the Corps du Vin, using all the regiments from wine producing areas, as well as being in the process of recruiting a few "borrowed" and imaginary ones .

For those interested, here is the webpage detailing it's progress.

It is in the process of being drilled in new formations (aka rebased from Age of Reason rules) as well as recruiting a few more units, they should be in their new uniforms within a week or so.

We hope to have a few portraits of the army up shortly, once they come off training manouevres........

There is a backstory about the commander of the force, the Viscomte de Pinotage (above), who hails originally from the French Caribbean  colony of Saint Jacques, (as does New Byzantium's French naval advisor, Commander Villaineuse, but that, as they say, is another story.....

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