Monday, 27 December 2010

de Tott

de Tott's ship sailing into Byzantion bay, escorted by a Byzantine Naval Tartane

Seen at Court today - Francois de Tott, son of Count Miklós Bercsényi (founder of the eponymous Hussars in French service). He arrives on his way back from Turkish occupied Constantinople to France.

As a youngster, François joined his father's regiment, and in 1754 was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. In 1755 he travelled to Constantinople, as the secretary of his uncle Charles Gravier, Comte de Vergennes, who had been appointed ambassador. His main duty was to learn the Turkish language, to investigate the situation in the Ottoman Empire and to gather information about the Crimean Khanate.

What he is doing at the Byzantine Court is unclear, but news reaches us that Admiral Periplous, Professor Kosmo Kalkulos (the Chief Imperial Engineer), the entire General Staff of Harrumphing Generals and Baron Munchausen are also attending.

Something is clearly afoot......

In the meantine, Commander Villaineuse is looking over the French ship in fine detail......a fast Brigantine, beloved of the Corsairs


  1. With Baron Munchausen attending, *anything* can be expected (feared / hoped for, according to individual (cautious - conservative or rash - progressive) disposition.
    The Permanent Secretary of the Monte-Cristan Academie des Sciences is specially interested

  2. may have read de Tott's books then ;-)