Thursday, 21 April 2011

Good Bad News

The Good News - was rummaging in my drawers yesterday (Ooo-er missus), and found 15 forgotten Old Glory 18th century Albanian bandits (see pic above) I had mislaid some years ago, some are even painted!

Bad news - those bandits double the forces that "Don" Dharko has available to him in his Trans-Syldavial lair and who are making travelling on the Klow-Byzantia road such a nightmare, even raiding our towns at times.


  1. No, that's *also* good news: the (slightly -?- oversized) NeoByzantines forces are fully justified, and we sitting on the fence will watch & enjoy more action!

  2. Hmmm... bad news that more of these ruffians have turned up. The King of Syldavia may have to turn out a new dragoon regiment to deliver to these scoundrels their just desserts!


  3. @abdul yes the snows are melting in the high hills, the campaigning season is about to start!

    (In other words the armies for this years' 40K tourney are nearly finished, the RCW Greek/Byzantia project ditto, and I look forward to getting back to the 18th century!)

    @Jiminho indeed - all hands to the pump!