Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Black Bird joins the navy

Picture of Black Bird being captured by Tartanes of New Byzantium's Navy

Originally from La Rochelle, the privateer Black Bird has been captured as a prize by New Byzantium's navy this weekend*. She has been found to be in good shape still, and has been made the fleet's Flagship. She is a big 40  gun (with 18 pounders too!) French Frigate. Tales of Heroic Naval action abound in the Byzantia Chronicle

Details of the action are classified, but down the the waterfront, Kostas Bravos was heard to grumble that he took it while the crew had all rowed away onto some small island and the Navy only got involved later when the original crew got grumpy stuck on the island. Why French privateers were all on the island he knew not, but scurrilous rumours are that they were after Commodore Villaneuse for some past slight.

(* My son brought back a pirate ship model from a school trip to la Rochelle for me....) 

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