Monday, 20 April 2015

It is with some shock...

"Low Tech" 15mm Sci Fi force in build, 2014.... 

 ....and in action

....that I realise this blog has not been touched in some 15 months. The problem has not been lack of wargaming, more too much happening elsewhere plus my regular Imagi-Nation opponent moving away c 12 months ago, followed by a dearth of Imagi-Nation gaming, which this blog was mainly set up to do.

On the plus side, over the last 12 months, the original army this blog was set up to produce, New Byzantium, is all but complete, just the last cavalry units to do. In addition, all the other armies mentioned here that were in build, are now built and operational.

Further to that, in the last year I have got into DUST (Weird War 2 in 28mm - I did Chinese, and that's a story in itself) and In Her Majesty's Name - not Imagi-Nations but Imagi-Companies in a Victorian Sci Fi World. New Byzantium features strongly there, as you can guess......

1 comment:

  1. Hey he hasn't actually dropped off the planet! LOL, welcome back! Do like the look of your Low Tech
    Sci-fi force, hope you get allot of play with it. Just wish you were close to me as my BEE (Brazos Evil Empire) forces just love to stop by for a friendly visit and fire fight...)