Monday, 2 December 2013

GrimmWald Jagers commissioned

The newly commissioned Grimmwald Jagers (with Loden Green jackets) demonstrating their skills on the Schonberg firing range. 

"Sir! Sir! Great News from the GrimmWald!"

The Duke recognised one of the junior staff on the Forces Recruiting Team was running up to him. 

"What is it? Have they spotted the Great Stag of the BlauHohe again, and want another thousand Thalers to prepare a tourist centre and comemmorative beertankard run for NovemberFest* ?"

The Duke was cantankerous. Lady Sophia de Loren was still rejecting his advances, and had retreated for a few days solitary contemplation at KlosterBad Spa

"No Sir! The Recruiting Team have had great success, and have recruited about 500 young men from the GrimmWald! And as you know, they are all woodsmen, foresters and mountain men and are very handy with a gun...."

"Oh, good! Well, have Rumpelstiliskin & Co start making up more blue jackets".

"Ah...they also want their own uniform, too".

"Ye gods no - not more pink?"

"Er...No sir - they say they are real Jagers and therefore say they they must wear Loden Green jackets. And they have pulled their triccornes apart and inned one side of the brim to the hat**, and attached leaves to them. And they don't want to do any squarebashing."

"What! Insolence! We have always had Blue uniforms, and what's an army without squarebashing".

The Duke was about to explode when Herr Klinger minced in. The Duke was a bit dubious about him, but Schiller had appointed him as Head of Military Recruitment, said he had served in the last War and knew about fit men and training and uniforms and so on.

"Herr Duke" smoothed Herr Klinger "We have a a maaaarvellous opportunity here - these Grimmwald boys are all the sons of hunters and mountaineers so on, and very good shots. They are a bit rough, you know - not - ahem - as tame as our city boys and farm boys. Far better we use them as light infantry where their skills can come to the fore. And dressing ones Jagers in Green is just the thing these days. With black webbing too, should look veery contemporary and dashing, I must say...."

"Oh alright - but no pink!"

"No, no pink".

"Oh alright - commision them then. When will they parade in Schonberg"

"Oh Sir! They are Jagers - they don't parade! Perhaps a demonstration of sharp shooting in the capital wouldn't go amiss though - you know, shooting apples off people's heads and so on" 

"Good idea" roared the Duke "I'll pick the people to have apples on their heads right now!"

And off he went, whistling, and mentally composing a list all the people who would have apples shot off their heads. And if the jagers missed, well, too bad...

*We did say that time runs slow in Saxe-Märchen.....

** Imagi-Nations are great for using up odds and ends, like AWI British foot...


  1. A rough bunch! Poachers and occasionally highwaymen, I suspect?

  2. Rough indeed - as is the photo, I need to take a better one. Highway robbery was solved by recruiting some of the main poachers to be gamekeepers in teh GrimmWald Gendarmerie.

    Poaching in the GrimmWald and up on the BlauHohe is a national sport, in fact the definition of a GrimmWald virgin is someone who can't catch a mountain sheep yet. But I digress.....