Friday, 8 November 2013

Scraping the Barrel

Join the Army

All the GIrls like a Soldier

Saxe-Märchen's Department of Human Resources  has been calculating how many more men could possibly be found to add to the meagre forces still around to defend the Duchy - the results are shown over here on Emperor v Elector....

So in short, they think they can recruit 2 Militia battalions, a Freikorps unit of horse and foot, and a light infantry battalion.

Duke Werther has told the Department to execute the plan speedily, or else the Department will be executed slowly and painfully......


  1. 50% seems reasonable, though I noticed from the slender data available that the larger regular establishments seemed to indicate a higher percentage of militia at any rate.

    I find that militia, freikorps, grenzer, irregular light horse and garrison troops form a very handy means of absorbing 'spare' figures that one is apt to accumulate. At that they can be used to enact 'der kleine krieg' on the fringes of the main theatres of war. Some Austrian grenadiers I have form two battalions of 'Home Grenadiers' for my Imperialist army.

    Generally my non-regular battalions are about half the size of my regulars. That gives my lots of such units. Even so, as I have several states involves, none have a particularly high percentage of such units. This was, even a 50-percent ratio of 'militia etc' units to regular, leaves a figure ratio nearer 25%.

    My Ulrichstein campaign earlier in the year featured a rebel force on one side that comprised irregulars (rebels) on one side. The numerous small battalions did give the rebel army a flexibility unmatched by the regulars - not that it helped them much in the long run against superior numbers.

  2. If your recruiting sergeants look like the one pictured above, I am sure that you will easily exceed the number of troops that you hope to enlist.

    -- Jeff

  3. They are inded a very handy means of absorbing spare (and inadvisably bought) figures :-) ....

    In my case I have a few FIW and AWI figures I need to use up, and some laie 1600s cavalry.

    Re my recruiting sergeant. I think Kitchener and Uncle Sam don't have quite the same motivational impact....

  4. I'm with Jeff, where do I sign? lol

  5. Several historical 'volunteers' units were allowed to choose their uniforms, since they paid for it (and for their horses if mounted): if wished so this would justify a squadron in 'flashy' glamorous uniform (people wealthy enough to pay for an expensive uniform would serve as cavalry).

    Then, too bad the Eureka 'Sandras' are so hard to obtain: to mobilize female volunteers is a desperate but 'heroic' possibility.