Sunday, 4 August 2013

Real Byzantines

Real Byzantines are Go - a bunch of new rulesets coming on stream* has meant our club is starting to get its Ancients out again. I bought most of the models for a decent 28mm DBM 12th century Komnenan army c 10 years ago, but we stopped playing DBM soon after so they have been sitting in the Shelf of Despond ever since - but now, onto the workbench they march, in proud ranks:


- A Tagmatic unit
- A down-at-heel Thematic border unit
- The Latinikon (aka Kniggits)
- Turkopoloi
- Skythikon


The Varangian Guard
2 units of spearmnen (skutatoi)
1 of light archers
1 of light javelinmen
1 of light staff slingers

Over August this shall be transformed into a painted, based, flocked, flagged and functional outfit.

Kyrie Eleysion! 
*Trying to base them to be able to work with Impetus, War & Conquest, and Hail Caesar has been a challenge :)

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