Monday, 17 September 2012

1848 - the Hungarians are Coming!

The Hungarians are finally invading!  All along the border the watchfires are burning.
The Army of Trans-Syldavia is assembling for the campaign - L-R Infantry Regt No 1, Battalions 1 and 2, Infantry Regiment No 2, 1st Battalion, and the Duke's Huszars, led by the Duke's son - behind them is the Artillery

View from the other side - Right to Left - the Duke's Own Zouaves, the Grenz Regiment, and the local Border Militia, and behind them the doughty Bashi Bazoukhs, led by Bishop Splenetic, who have been doing most of the fighting so far.

The army is about to move out for the front, to face the Hungarian horde....the two headed pink flamingo of Trans Syldavia flutters proudly in the breeze


  1. An impressive-looking assembly, sir. Well done . . . and now to the table top!

    -- Jeff

  2. Thank you sir!

    We played tonight, will blog later - but in a nutshell we were on the losing end of a draw but with weaker forces, and gave teh Honved aa bloody nose!

    Hopefully we have made those Hungarians think again about invasion!