Friday, 3 February 2012

Raising the Standards in Saxe-Märchen

The standard of the Driebrucken regiment

The standard of the Wahlheim regiment 

"We need new standards" said Herr Unterling the under-chief-cashier to Duke Werther nervously. "We hauled out the old ones and a lot of very fat moths tried to fly up, crashed on the floor and rolled away...."

"GottimHimmel" muttered Duke Werther..."how much now."

"Well, we need ones for both the battalions equipping for the campaign, so that's the DrieBrucken and Wahlheim, you may as well get one for your Garde grenadiers, and we need one for the Leib-Dragoner..."

"Can't old Baron Malthus pay for those horsey boys - he is Inhaber after all?"

"Well yes, but remember when you let him pay for the uniforms and he chose Salmon red facings for the coats...."

Duke Werther groaned....Old Malthus had a thing for pink, but he didn't think the populace would stand for the Life Dragoon regiment flying a pink flag....

"Oh alright then - what's the design to be"
"Oh, we thought we'd do the same as before, your Grace. - the Saxon Elector's pattern with the icon of Our Lady Of Blaue HoheKirchen on it, it is traditional after all and Rumpelstiltskin & Sohn said they could do them in a week as the old boy still has the pattern from the last flags we did for War of the Polish Succession - and the French said to be ready in a week..."

"Ah, the Blau Engel again eh - didn't old man Rumpelstiltskin use the Markgrafin Marlene, who was his mistress, as the model eh, eh.....caused quite a stir if I recall"

The Duke cheered up a bit. Aunt Marlene was defintely quite a character....

"Very well then, give me the cheque book and the bloody Ducal seal...."

"Here your Grace. Now, we need to discuss trousers for the Wahlheim regiment, they have none....."

(Standards courtesy Kronoskaf and Blue Nun....)


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    1. I've been using Open Office Draw and adapting Kronoskaf with drawing packages, printing onto good paper - very nice results!