Monday, 9 January 2012

Bad News in KlosterBad

The Principality of Saxe-Märchen has slumbered peacefully over the decades since the War of the Spanish Succession, but recently events have started to take an ominous turn.

It all started last year (1756) when the Elector of Saxony wrote a letter to the various far flung small Saxe-Principalities, saying that Saxony could not necessarily defend them against depredation, and to look to themselves. Now, to an extent that had already been the case, so the question was "why is that letter being sent, now".

Well, that is becoming clearer.

His excellent Duke Werther and family has spent the Christmas and New Year weeks taking the Spa waters and snow up at KlosterBad, but this week a confidential epistle reached him, from the Saxon Elector. The gist of it was that:

(i)  There is very likely going to be a war with Prussia this Spring
(ii)  The Saxon Elector was trying to set up an alliance with France and/or Austria
(iii) Saxe-Märchen is now required to make a foot regiment, a cavalry regiment (more accurately *the" cavalry regiment), an artillery battery and a Jäger battalion, available to the Saxon forces this spring.

"So", muses Werther as he rides back down to Schonberg today, "We must look to ourselves but also send troops to Saxony, including our only cavalry regiment and jägers we don't have. This bears careful thought, I had better pull my advisiors together when I get back......"