Sunday, 19 June 2011

Time passes, things happen....

Work has sadly got in the way of building the forcs of New Byzantium*, but not in accumulating them. Over the past few weeks the forces have been increased by:

- 16 Zouaves in Turbans, perfect for New Byzantium's local infantry militia.
- 20 WW1 Russians, for Bolshevik Bad Guys to fight in Between The Wars Byzantium
- Ditto 20 WW1 Austrians, for Nazi nasties.
- Another regiment of tricorne-men - yes, new Byzantium's Marine Regt have finally arrived

In addition, New Byzantium's time of operation has been expanded to a 3rd period - yes, its 1848, the year of Nationalisr fervour and the Hungarian uprising, and our Imagi-Nation forces will once again enter the fray against my evil scheming honorouable opponent's Hungarian-based force!

(The Turks and Albanians I found, plus my Trapezitae lanncers, Gianitzaroi and the new Zouaves are all detailed for this period - we both fancied mid 19th century skirmish with Sharpe Practice and cobbled together various bits we had ncluding a few Austrian regulars, Hungarians and my lot). I may have to invent a new Imagi-Nation for them ,closer to the Hungarian border. I was thinking of Trans-Syldavia, a villainous bunch of bandits small state on our borders!

*And priorities - the start of the club 40K campaign required the Imperial Grots to be completed, and my son and I building up our WW2 forces to have a proper go at each other has taken priority as war was imminent in both those sectors!

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