Sunday, 20 February 2011

Orchestrated Manouevres in the Park

Byzantine Tagmatic Sipahoi and Guard Trapezitae Lancer

As spring blossoms, the Guard New Byzantine cavalry units can be seen in the Hippodrome, exercising to keep them fresh (aka getting out to be rebased) as the storm clouds gather.  As you can imagine, I have a unit of the left hand side cavalry here (Front Rank) but I am scratching my head on where to get those on the right in 28mm


  1. I think Willie (Tradition) have them: see Spencer Smith (UK) and Tradition among 'Manufacturers' on TMP.
    Their on-line catalogues are not reader-friendly, and at first glance I find de Saxe Uhlan listed only by Spencer-Smith: D12
    They are 'Old School' minis sculpted, I believe, in the late "60 and their 'style' shows their age...
    Btw for 'civilians' Tradition Scandinavia and Willie on Tradition of London offer a larger choice.

  2. Bill Protz ('Campaigns in Germania') has an unit of them.