Saturday, 15 January 2011

A very civil society

The post waggon brought the long awaited civilian contingent this week - the Old Glory "Fat Island Governor" set and Eureka's String Quartet with Fred n' Voltaire, and "Ooh ain't you awful".  Enough for some high and low society vignettes and characters for both the Corps du Vin and New Byzantium (the above picture from P.Joux's collection of the Marquis du Pinotage spying out the lie of the land suggests itself with the figures now arrived).

Wish I could find more in the Turquerie mode though. Sadly, the Basilea Phannae has banned the practice of Harem-keeping by the Byzantine nobility (she knows of what she speaks*), so this is out.

*Justinian had Theodora, and the tradition is mantained.....


  1. : in the Palace, yes, but old habits don't die that easily. For sure in the best 'uptown' parts of the Capital -and of major towns- the wealthy ones have access to 'Turkish baths' where are provided various forms of 'relaxing' services -massages &c... ?

  2. Shhhh...don't the the Basiliea about the Turkish Baths, she thinks its full of tough moustachioe'd Turkish Masseurs :)