Thursday, 18 November 2010

Octagon to be finished by next summer

We are told by the Minister of Works that the Octagon in the Palace will be fully restored by next Summer, at the same time as the Hippodrome, and that a great entertainment and sporting spectacle, and a full parade of the Army, is planned for the opening. Lets hope there was no skimping on restoring the Great Arch through which they wil all march, or someone's head will roll....

Work has been going on to restore the palace for the best part of 20 years now under the guidance of Professor Kosmo Kalkulos, Chief Imperial Engineer, and the Palace is now at least functional, but for the Basileos of New Byzantium to really impress visitors, the opening of the Octagon - the old Roman Throne chamber of the Emperor Galerius - will be a big step forward.

There is still furious debate about what the Hippodrome will be used for after it is rebuilt, as Chariot racing is not as popular as it was 500 years ago. Polo has been mentioned but there is some argument about who will pay to clean up afterwards.

We know there is a strong support for re-creating the Olympic Games, and a number of syndicates are working on bids to run them, but that is only every four years.

Rumour has it that some of the English troops in the Guard want to play their game of foote-ball there, which is played by kicking a pigs bladder between poles at either end of the field while the opposing team tries to stop this. Seems most odd, cant see that taking off here.


  1. Greetings and felicitations from the Reich Duchy of Beerstein. As a Head of State, Reich Duke Wilhelm has instructed the College of Honors to invest Constantine X into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard.It is our desire to open diplomatic relations with New Byzantium...

  2. Where are the public 'restrooms' of the Hippodrome? Essential!
    And keep them free: the 'Nike' rebellion in Old Byzantium was triggered by the rumour that Justinian intended to follow the precedent set by Vespasian...

    About this 'foot-ball': less cleaning of the green than with polo, but so much more cleaning of the tribunes after the 'supporters' left...

  3. @Bill - diplomatic relations are opened, esp if it comes with an Order of the Tankard.

    New Byzantium Orders will be sorted as soon as the Octagon is finished and we get the raising/lowering action of the Throne sorted!

    Btw looked at your army, you may be interested in my "real" army - the French Corps du Vin :-)

    @Abdul re rest rooms - damn, I knew we had forgotten something :D

  4. Searching for appropriate 'atmospheric' music, what I first found was alas not in Greek (though, oddly, sounding more appropriate than a well-known theme of 'Greek' inspiration) but could work at least for the Skythikon. The Ottoman influence is more obvious in this interpretation.